Improvising pianist and composer Luke Sweeting resides in Sydney, Australia. He is best known for the strength of his composing like in his 2012 jazz album 'People and Lightbulbs' and more recently with the Grey Wing Trio who recently released their debut album 'Amoroso' on Jazzhead. Last year, Luke toured Germany, Sweden and Australia with Svelia, The Grey Wing Trio in Australia and toured New Zealand and Australia with Kiwi/Aussie collaborative band Antipodes. He also toured in April with Vulkan quintet (DENMARK/AUST) whilst performing with other projects.



Like the wing of a sparrow, what appears as mono-toned becomes multi-hued upon closer examination. The lightness of Sweeting’s touch gifts him the opportunity to cycle through one crystalline moment after another and the echoes of each chord hang in the air with delicate subtlety.
— John Fenton 2015

His latest release, Amoroso, from the Grey Wing Trio features Ken Allar's virtuosic style, Finn Ryan's fresh approach to drums and Luke's compositional and improvisational adventurousness. Other notable releases of which he wrote and performed include 'Transitions' (2015) with Swedish-Australian band Svelia, 'The Great Unknown' (2011) with vocalist Rachael Thoms. He has arranged for vocalist Liam Budge on his self titled album.


Luke has performed for the National Sound and Film Archive on regular occasions to perform for historic silent film screenings.



Luke studied at the ANU School of Music before their recent course changes, receiving the Dennis Griffin Scholarship to complete his performance based masters. He studied and performed with and alongside trumpet legend Miroslav Bukovsky (of Wanderlust and Ten Part Invention fame), James Greening (of Greening from Ear to Ear) amongst many others at the school. Luke received the Sprogis Woods Composition Competition for his large ensemble piece Sound Canvas in 2010. In 2013, with the help of the Australia Council Luke was able to pursue overseas studies with Florian Ross (German pianist/composer) and Hävard Wiik (Norwegian/Berlin pianist).



Luke has lectured for the pre-tertiary and tertiary program at the ANU School of Music and continues to be an in-demand music educator and piano tutor.



Luke has been an active contributor to the arts community by co-founding and artistic directing the distinguished Canberran concert series, Jazz at the Loft (Canberra) and has been the founding artistic director of the Summer Hill Folk Festival 2016.